The Perfect Nude Lipstick

For so long I had struggled to find a nude lipstick that suited me. I wanted the perfect ‘your lips but better’ colour. My lips are naturally quite dark so I struggled to find a colour that didn’t wash me out. There is a huge range of colours to choose from but in the end I went with the Channel Rouge Allure lipstick in the shade 174 Rouge Angélique.


After a long struggle, I at last tried a channel lipstick as it was coming up to my birthday. And at last-a lipstick I fell in love with! The texture is so creamy it almost feels like a lip balm. Wearing this all day is no problem at all! Ingredients include green tea, sweet almond oil and sappan wood that helps with longer wear and moisturised lips.

The pinky hues are spot on for everyday/natural makeup looks and even the lightest layer of the lipstick is a dream to wear. Most importantly, the lipstick is so pigmented and there is no worry that my natural lip colour will be creeping through the lipstick.


A surprising feature of this lipstick that never gets old is the opening mechanism. Forget your typical pull-off lid, this lipstick feels like it has been dropped straight out of the hands of an MI5 spy. To open, you simply press down on the gold Channel logo at the end of the tube and the rest of the lipstick springs up ready to be used!




In terms of longevity, it isn’t the most long lasting if you’re eating and drinking. For normal every day use however, I was very pleased with how long the lipstick lasted and maybe would top it up once after eating and that would see me through the day. For extra long wear, I pair my lipstick with a nude pink lip liner.


Priced at £28 I would say this is a very expensive lipstick compared to the other ones I own. However, I asked for this for a milestone birthday and feel like getting a channel lipstick was a coming of age gift into the adult world-I definitely feel very sophisticated whipping it out my bag.

I bought my lipstick from a Channel concession in a department store and one of the best bits of the experience was the little channel bag it came packaged with. It was so sweet and dinky that I’ve kept it and put it out on display in my bedroom!

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  1. Chanel lipsticks are incredible! Great post, this looks like a lovely colour!

  2. Excellent review…like the MI5 reference!