Essie nail polish

Colour: Eternal Optimist

I have to admit that when it comes to nail polish I am not very adventurous. I always wear a neutral pink shade, or sometimes in winter I’ll add some glitter. So when I find a colour, like this, that I love I will stick to this for months!


The Essie nail polish range has a kaleidoscope of colours that really allows you to find your perfect shade. The colour I went for is called “eternal optimist” (Essie have such inventive names!) and it is a beautiful rosy pink, meaning that the colour is bold enough to stand out on your nails, but neutral enough to compliment any outfit.


To apply, I use to coats of the polish and finish with the Essie topcoat to get that extra shine. In terms of longevity this combination will typically last me about six days, which I find is fairly long lasting for an ordinary nail polish that wont ruin your nails! I do like to switch up my routine occasionally though and skip the polish in favour of a nail buff to give my nails a break and keep them in good condition.


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  1. Such a great brand!

  2. love those colours girl!!! xx