5 Tips for Buying a Winter Coat

When it comes to winter wool coats, I just have one long wool coat that is smart and elegant that covers me for the entire winter season! In this post, I reveal my top tips that I used to buy a versatile and long-lasting winter coat. The coat featured in this post is a couple of years old from M&S.


  1. Material

We all know that when it comes to winter, wool is our best friend. But as I’ve been browsing the winter coats on the high-street, it always surprises me how many coats do not contain any wool at all-how are we supposed to keep warm?! This is why my most important tip for buying a winter coat is looking at the composition for a high wool content so you know it will see you through the coldest of days.



  1. Lining

Another feature that I look out for is a lining. To me, a coat with a lining is an indicator of good quality. A lined coat will be comfier to wear and will make sure the fabric lasts longer.


  1. Length

I am not a person who likes the cold at all, so when I’m shopping for a coat I like to look for a length that will cover my legs at least up to my knees. This means I can still wear tights in winter, but keep my legs toasty and warm when I go outside.


  1. Colour

As I only like to have one wool winter coat, getting the colour right is very important. Ideally, you need something that will work with your entire wardrobe and your accessories whether that’s a neutral colour like the charcoal grey I chose, or a splash of colour like a classic winter red.


  1. Hood or no hood

Finally, this last tip is more of a style preference. I prefer coats with no hood, as I would rather wear a hat if it is very cold, so a hood just adds unnecessary bulk to my outfit. But if you are someone who doesn’t like to carry an umbrella, or wear hats, then a hood is a must!

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2 Replies to “5 Tips for Buying a Winter Coat”

  1. You’re so right about wool….definitely worth investing in for the warmth factor! And love the grey colour….so versatile 🙂