The Ribbon Trend

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The A/W catwalk has fallen in love with ribbons and I love all styles from neat bows to a more relaxed look. Ribbons are an easy and cheap way to mix up your usual hairstyles and are so versatile for so many outfits. Below I’ll talk you through three ways to wear ribbons that will give you the perfect look this party season.

Look one:

Pink is one of my favourite colours, but in this look, I have tied the ribbon in a knot and left the ends loose to create a more undone style. This is perfect if you only have a short length of ribbon and there is no need to worry about the bow being perfectly symmetrical.


Look two:

You can never have too much velvet!  For this look, I had plenty of length in the ribbon to tie a bow and leave some length to hang down. I offset the deepness of the ribbon against the lighter ends of my hair to really make it stand out and compliment my hair colour.

Look three:

Using long strands of ribbon in your hair are not your only option! Thankfully, this ribbon is attached to a small clip meaning you can have your hair ready in a matter of seconds.