Ugg Boots

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These are the boots that I live in during winter. A few years back, Uggs were a big deal in fashion. But now, they seem to have lost their popularity despite being a perfect, practical winter boot! Every time I go out I reach for these shoes as they are undeniably my warmest and comfiest shoe.


The boot

After my first pair of Uggs became battered through years of use, I decided to reinvest in a new pair. The new Ugg boot has some serious upgrades that make it an outstanding winter shoe. The outer suede is stain and water resistant so you can wear them in all weather conditions. Wearing these boots all day is no problem as they have an extremely light weight sole making them great for walking in.



There is no worry of cold feet with this type of boot! The sheepskin lining is a dream during winter. The lining is thick and plush, which adds even more comfort for your feet to sink into, plus they are kept toasty warm without having to wear layers and layers of socks. When choosing my Ugg style I decided to opt for the tallest boot, which comes to just below my knee and insulates all of my lower legs.


Ugg boots come in a range of styles and colours but I went for a classic combination of the tall boot in chestnut. I thought the classic chestnut colour was a great choice for casual outfits and are a good contrast to my smarter black boots in winter.


How to style

As these Uggs are quite tall, I prefer to style them with a shorter puffer jacket for a more casual look. Big woolly jumpers, jumper dresses and jeans are all part of my casual wardrobe and again work really well with these cosy Uggs!