Aran jumper

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Winter jumpers

Woolly winter jumpers are an absolute essential in my wardrobe. I own a few jumpers that are 100% wool, and so are perfect for when the weather is freezing. One of my favourite jumpers is a second hand aran jumper that my mum picked up at a charity shop. My top tip would be to look for wool jumpers in charity shops as you can pick up really good quality pieces for a small price!




The aran jumper is of Irish origins and tends to be an off-white/creamy colour with cable knit patterns running down the front and sleeves. Traditionally, these jumpers would have been hand knitted and so are very thick and cosy-a great substantial winter essential.


How to Style

In some cases, simple is best! When Iā€™m layering up my woolly aran jumper I tend to pair it with a long sleeve top or thermal as a base layer, and a pair of comfy blue jeans to keep it casual and functional.


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