Festive Nails


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Now that the festive season is in full swing, I am incorporating as much glitter and sparkle into my outfits! Luckily, there are dozens of glittery nail polishes to choose from and I have stumbled across an incredible hack for applying glittery nail polish, which I will explain below.

I personally love this rose gold glitter polish from H&M last winter, that was only a couple of pounds. I would normally invest a little bit more in a nail polish, to avoid streaky and uneven coverage, but as these problems aren’t an issue with glitter polishes, and I get on fine with this budget one! The colour is a very charming rose gold that is a little bit different from your traditional silver and gold Christmas colours.

How to Apply

I have recently discovered an amazing glitter nail hack, that allows you to achieve that high density glitter look without layers and layers of polish building up! The trick is all in using a small makeup sponge to apply the polish and this method will give you amazing results. These makeup sponges can be bought from places like Boots for a couple of pounds a pack.


After prepping my nails and applying a base coat, I apply two layers of my Essie nail polish in the shade ‘Sugar Daddy’. You can use any shade that will compliment your glitter of choice so I have chosen a light pinky nude as my base colour.

Next, I take the brush from the glitter polish and dab this onto the corner of the makeup sponge. This allows the excess clear polish to drain away, leaving a higher density of glitter particles on the sponge. When this is patted over the nail it creates a high coverage of glitter with only a thin layer of the excess clear polish.








Finally, when this is dry, I complete the look with a layer of the Essie top coat to ensure long lasting and high shine nails!


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