Red Velvet Dress

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For years and years I had been dreaming about a red velvet dress but I could never find one exactly the right colour…Finally this winter I stumbled across this glamorous dress by New Look and it was PERFECT! And if that wasn’t good enough already, the dress is only £9.99 in the sale!


At last – in this dress I have found the perfect deep toned, dark berry red that was what I have been searching for! The colour is such a rich red, that in some lights, it appears tinged with purple creating a dazzling two-tone effect.



As soon as winter rolls around, I reach for anything velvet-I am completely obsessed! This dress is made from a thick plain velvet, which I preferred over crushed velvet, as I was wanted for a plush, premium look for more dressy occasions.


The dress has a very elegant fitted upper body that creates a very flattering silhouette paired with the skater skirt-style below. The bottom half of the dress flares out to create a fantastically elegant party dress! Another plus is the long sleeves, as even during party season I don’t like to be cold, but the flattering ¾ length sleeves keep you perfectly warm.



The back of the dress features a deep scoop neck at the back, which is a very classy style and adds a touch more glamour making the dress perfect for parties this time of year!

Snap it up now!

7 Replies to “Red Velvet Dress”

  1. This is lovely 🙂

    1. <3

  2. Gorgeous dress! So classy 😍 Suits you very well xx

    1. Thank you so much! I’m in love with the dress xx

  3. I absolutely love this – super festive and just in time for the holidays!

    1. Yay!! This is definitely going to be my Christmas Day outfit!

      1. hahaha yay! I just posted too – check it out: Weird food trends of 2017 😂😂