Bubblegum Pink Coat

On Black Friday, I made my first big fashion investment. This Ted Baker Coat was the only thing I bought in the Black Friday sales, but I am glad that I saved up for one big investment piece rather than lots of little things.

Of course, I followed my top tips for buying a winter coat to make sure the investment would be worth it, and so far I am overjoyed with my decision.


I have always been drawn to a bright pop of colour, so I when I saw this gorgeous bubblegum pink I knew it was the right choice. It is good to have plenty of contrast in your wardrobe, and this bright colour was a great alternative to my current charcoal grey coat.


Perhaps the biggest factor that swayed my decision to invest in this coat was the material. As you may know from my previous post on winter coats, wool content is a very important factor to me in the winter months! Unlike most high street coats that have a limited wool content, this coat is 100% wool!

The patterned lining on the inner layer is yet another feature of the coat’s excellent quality and means should last a very long time!


Another feature that my old winter coat lacked, was a means of creating a cinched in waist. I liked the fact that with this coat I had the option of drawing in my silhouette at a flattering point. This coat actually came with two belt options: a plain pink woollen belt, or a contrast stripe belt. So far, I prefer the matching pink belt that creates a smarter and more streamlined style.

Other Features

Other style features that drew me to the coat was the collar that gave the coat a more structured look and keeps your neck that bit warmer. And finally, pockets! The coat has two deep pockets on either side perfect for belongings or for your hands if it is extra chilly.

As I mentioned earlier, I bought this coat during the sales, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out incase it is reduced again!


3 Replies to “Bubblegum Pink Coat”

  1. In love with this pink coat!! 🙂

    1. Me too! I was so unsure about investing this much even in the sale but now I am so so glad I kept it!!

    2. It’s such a gorgeous colour!!