Cosmic Mesh Dress

It is not too often that I have the opportunity to really dress up like a princess, but from the moment I tried on this dress, I knew I couldn’t pass on it. It is dark and sophisticated, perfect for a special occasion. When it comes to picking out occasion-ware pieces, you can rarely go wrong with a black dress. This mesh dress, however, gives the Little Black Dress a run for its money, with its luxe gold embroidery and sheer panelling creating a show-stopping piece.




The delicate gold embroidery running throughout the dress seems as if it is straight out of a fairy tale. The simple cosmic theme keeps the dress stylishly simple by combining two contrasting, but complimentary, colours. This is by far my favourite feature of the dress, and puts a fresh new spin on the floral embroidery trend that was abundant last summer.


Despite being a maxi dress, the sheer mesh fabric still allows you to show off your figure with the sheer black fabric. A finely wired gauze material is perfect for the delicate design of the dress and makes it a dream to wear. The lightweight material also lends a flowing silhouette that works perfectly with its ethereal style.

5 Replies to “Cosmic Mesh Dress”

  1. What an amazing dress! It’s seriously so cool.

    1. I know! I feel like I’ve jumped right out of a fairy tale!

  2. You look amazing! That dress is so beautiful 😍

    1. Thank you so much <3 It was such a good buy, and such a stunning dress that is good enough for a ball!

  3. This dress is gorgeous! Love it ❤️