Clinique Take The Day Off Make-up Remover

The Clinique ‘Take The Day Off Make-up Remover’ is a gentle, yet powerful, liquid make-up remover that I’ve had great results with. The formula is effective even in removing heavy make-up and only takes a few seconds to work.

How to Use

First shake the bottle before use, then apply a few drops of the solution to a cotton pad, or a muslin cloth, and then gently wipe over your face. I will reapply the solution and repeat as necessary to remove all traces of makeup from my eyes. I do find that the formula leaves a slight oily residue on my face after use, so I like to immediately cleanse my face to get rid of any excess product left on my skin.


The formula is very gentle, so I can use the product to remove eye makeup without irritation. Although the solution is gentle on your skin, it is still very effective at removing even heavy make-up.